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We rely on local agents to help us find out and present to you the complete story of each place, region or destination. Here is a positive example of our close cooperation with Žumberak locals. Having teamed up with PodŽumberak family estate and Flores Hostel, we would like to offer you day trips, as well as longer packages, which will give you a unique experience of the Žumberak region. As we live in the area and are constantly learning more and more about it, we are able to show you the best of Žumberak. As your expert guides, we will see to it that you fully experience the tastes and smells of Žumberak, its culture, customs and rich history, as well as participate in various workshops and go on hiking and cycling tours. Žumberak offers a variety of things to do for those who like to spend their time trying out new things in new places. Your experience of Žumberak will be topped off with traditional Žumberak cuisine with a modern twist and well-rested nights at PodŽumberak Country House and Flores Hostel – where every room has its own unique décor. We are sure that your stay will be pleasant and memorable.

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Josip Klanfar

Incentive Travel Consultant

Anja Klanfar

Office Manager

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